Recuriter FAQ's:

Why should I use for hiring?

  • If your hiring need is for medical / pharma/ bio tech professional then is the appropriate solution for your hiring need, as consists of only those professional for which you're looking for.
  • is the most cost effective platform for hiring medical /healthcare / pharmaceutical /bio tech professionals
  • provide categorized profile, so that you can concentrate on what you are looking for (experience, skillset, educational etc) rather than going through the full profile.

How can I post a job?

For posting a job recruiters first need to register on, after registration the recruiter should buy a job credit from the store to post a job.

What can I do with my job posting?

  • You can post job according to your industry, category and role with appropriate heading to get the right & best candidate for your vacancy.
  • You can specify your relevance & blocking criteria so that you get the most appropriate candidate higher on you job applicant list.
  • You can shortlist / reject/ hold /hire candidate with just a click.
  • How much does a job posting costs?

    We have created many job posting categories which are dependent upon the duration/ number of jobs to suit your needs. You can choose from the various job credits to buy from. Each credit type is associated with different features like branding, wide visibility, and various attributes. For further details visit the store...

    What are the Payments mode?

    We accept Master/Visa Credit/Debit cards & Net Banking from 50+ banks.

    What is the validity of the job post on

    Each job is visible for a period of 30 days, after which the job becomes Inactive and gets permanently deleted unless it is renewed before 30 days.

    What is the credit validity?

    • Credit validity is the period in which the all credit has to consumed from the date of purchase, after which the credit gets forfeited and you will not be able to use that credit even if you have credit left in your account.
    • You can view your credit validity period in you order details section.
    • N.B. -- All credit period are calculated for 30 days. i.e. "To be consumed period mentioned in job listing are valid for (x)months *30 days.

    Where can I view the no of credits available in my account?

    You can see the credits available in "my credit" section. Here you can see the no of available credit and expiry date of the credit.

    Where I can view when my job expiry date?

    In "My Job Post" i.e "Job Manager" section you can see all the details about your job post

    Where I can view the job applicant to a job?

    In "My Job Post" i.e "Job Manager" section you can see all the details about your job post

    What is graphical cv?

    Graphical CV is our latest presentation technique to present you with graphical/Visual view of CV in form of charts.

    What are the benefits of graphical CV?

    • It helps you to analyze the candidate strength in experience, education, skill, project in just a single glance.
    • It allows you to get a view of gap in tenure of the candidate profile section
    • There are 2 view of Graphical CV:
      1. Single view (which allows you to have an overall glance of all the profile section)
      2. Detailed view (which allows you to get a larger view of each section along with the detailed explanation of each attribute on a click)

    What is questionnaire and video questionnaire?

    This feature allows you to ask question pre-interview to assess the candidate. In this you can ask set of questions to candidate. And in return the candidate while applying for the job will answer to your set of question. This feature is available with specific job credit type.

    Video interview is similar to questionnaire but is has to be answered by the candidate using video recording. It helps you to analyze the expression and presentation of the candidate.

    Can I modify/ edit my job post?

    Yes you can modify your job post until no applicant has applied to the job.

    Can I edit my questionnaire /video questionnaire?

    Yes you can modify your job post until no applicant has applied to the job.

    How can I prevent irrelevant job applicants?

    You can customize your job applicants criteria for each job post as to which criteria you prefer to be most important, based on which all relevant job applicants are listed on top of your applicant list with the matching percentage.

    How do I receive response to my job?

    There are two way you get response to your job:
    • By email: at the end of each day you receive all new applicants for each day for the respective job
    • Your response manager lists all the applicants to the job.

    What is download manager?

    Download manager is the utiltiy through which you can download all the resumes at once. It also provides options for downloading selective applicants like (shortlisted / hired/ on hold etc).

    You can also export the candidate summary data in excel format from download manager.

    Can I put remarks on the applicant?

    Yes. You can put remarks on each applicant for future reference.

    Can I create a sub user?

    At present we do not allow sub user.

    How can we search for suitable candidate?

    At present search facility is not available.