Job Seeker FAQ's:

Why should I register on

  • is a specific job portal for medical related profession where you can find jobs which are specific to your requirements
  • Registering on avails you many benefits like:
    • Create your personal, educational, experience, skillset profile etc
    • Upload your resume
    • One click job apply.
    • Customize your job preference email alert
    • Receive new job alerts matching your profile on email
    • Set your resume visibility

How can I post my resume?

  • In order to upload your resume you should complete the desired job details in your profile

Why should I complete so many sections of the profile?

  • For your profile to be complete you should complete each and every section of the profile. Complete profile attracts the recruiter
  • We have designed the profile section in such a way that is easy on eyes to concentrate on the specific details for every user (jobseeker /recruiter).
  • Employers defines certain criteria while posting job. If your profile is not complete, there might be chances of getting blocked by our system algorithms in order to prevent irrelevant job applicants. Hence it is recommended that you should complete all the details, before aplying for job
  • Once you are blocked by the system, you will not able to re-apply for that job.

How to edit/update my profile /resume?

Every section and its records consists of an edit button, which on clicking bring up the respective edit form , where you can edit your details and save for the current value.

How much does it costs to create my profile on

Creating a/c and profile on for jobseeker is absolutely free of cost.

How do I retrieve my Password. In case I forget it?

While logging in you have a forgot password link, click on the link and submit your email address. After which you will get all the details to reset your password.

Who can access my resume?

At present your resume is only accessible only to the recruiter of the job to which you have applied. In future when search capabilities are available on your resume will be visible to all the recuriters. However you can hide your resume by updating your resume visibility settings.

Can I broadcast my resume to recruiters?

At present this service is not available. will be launching this service soon.

How can I know the status of my job application?

In the settings section you have an option "My job Application", from this section the status of your applications are displayed. As and when the employer takes action(Hold/Reject/Shortlisted/Hired) on your profile the status gets updated automatically. If you see "Blocked" in your status - it means that your application was blocked by our system algorithms and you cannot re-apply for that job.

There is something misssing from industry/ category/ roles. How can I add some of them?

We would highly appreciated any addition or deletion suggestion for any section of the website. You can just send us an email and we will try to act on it within 24 hrs, if it abides by our management and company policy

I have suggestion to improve How do I contact

Any suggestion/feedback are highly appreciated and will be taken at top priority. Please feel free to suggest anything by contacting us